Empathy that Creates Connection

Let’s Reach Your Goals Together

Rosemarie’s ability to connect deeply with her clients sets her apart as an exceptional life coach. With a genuine heart and a compassionate ear, she takes the time to truly understand each individual’s unique challenges and aspirations. This empathy lays the foundation for a coaching relationship built on trust, where clients feel safe to explore their vulnerabilities and dreams.

A Holistic Approach

What truly makes Rosemarie exceptional is her holistic approach to coaching. Drawing from her background in teaching, administration and personal development training, she recognizes that every person is a multifaceted being with a web of interconnected experiences. Her coaching takes into account the emotional, mental, and practical dimensions of her clients’ lives, ensuring a comprehensive and impactful transformation.

Champion of Positive Change

Rosemarie is not just a coach; she’s a champion of positive change. Her coaching philosophy is firmly rooted in the principles of positive psychology, focusing on strengths, resilience, and growth. She guides her clients towards a mindset shift that propels them past limitations and towards a brighter future. With Rosemarie in your corner, you’re not just conquering challenges – you’re embracing them as stepping stones to success.

Tailored for Every Journey

A hallmark of Rosemarie’s greatness is her adaptability. Whether working with school children navigating the challenges of growing up or adults seeking to redefine their lives, she tailors her coaching techniques to suit the unique needs of each client. This personalized approach ensures that clients of all ages and backgrounds receive guidance that resonates with their individual journeys.

My Philosophy

Harnessing Your Potential

Rosemarie brings a deeply empathetic approach to coaching based on over 30 years of managing both teaching and administrative roles in Headfort Preparatory School in Kells, Co. Meath. Her work and life experience combined with further training and coaching qualifications means Rosemarie is perfectly placed to assist students of all ages as well as adults with personal or workplace challenges.

Whether you’re a young student navigating the complexities of school life or an adult seeking to break free from limitations, Rosemarie has the tools and expertise to support you at every step of your journey.

Certifications & Rewards

Certificate in Life Coaching

May 13th 2022

Introduction to Abnormal Psychology

jul 1st 2022

Personal Performance Coaching Diploma

Aug 25th 2023

Certificate in Life Coaching

Sept 2023